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Destination at a Glance

Would you classify this destination as
- Cold Water
Haven wreck, Genoa Gulf, Italy
Date of latest visit
What is there to see underwater?
- Shipwrecks
- Shipwrecks that allow interesting and serious penetration

Diving Gear

What kinds of tanks are normally used?
Is the area rebreather friendly?
What gear can be rented in the area?
- Technical tanks
What is the standard configuration of the tanks for this area?
- Twins/Doubles
What deco tanks available (if any)?
- 7 L
- 11/12 L

Diving conditions

Standard maximum depth for dives in this area
Minimum water temperature on your dives (C)
Maximum water temperature on your dives (C)
Any currents?
Some currents
Air temperature during the gear assembly and after dives (C)
Can weather be a problem in that area?
diving operation depend on weather
What is the standard bottom gas?
- Normoxic Trimix (at least 18% Oxygen)
- Hypoxic Trimix (less than 18% Oxygen)
And how long are decompression periods (if any)?
- 30-60min
How do divers enter water?
- Back roll
Where is the gear usually assembled?
- on land
Is there anyone to help the divers (based on your experience)?
Fellow divers or boat crew can usually help when needed

Diving Day

How to get to the dive shops or places the gear is kept?
- Divers get there themselves
How do divers usually get to the divesites?
- Driven there by dive operators
Is it easy to find guides and buddies?
- Dive operators normally organize groups and appoint the guide
Is it realistic to dive without a guide?
It's either impossible or requires a lot of effort
Is solo diving allowed?
It is prohibited
Where is the closest decompression chamber?
< 2h
How does insurance coverage work?
DAN or other international insurances work well
How much (roughly) would a typical dive cost (incl tanks/weights rental, boat ride if necessary, all gases and the guide if needed)?
< 100 USD
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Nov 18 '15
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