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Vintage photos of proms in N

Not only did I attend my senior prom at Sacred Heart High School in Vineland in 1977, I also worked on the prom committee.

Sorting through some old papers, I came across the prom committee members for that year: chairman Piera Infranco use of the "person" form of that title still lay in the future; Hermes belt replica vice chairmen Colleen Corcoran and me; decorations managers Tom Holden and Pete Van Noord; entertainment managers Sheila Pino and Pier Masciarella and correspondence manager Carleen DiPaola.

Those out there who served on prom committees know it is not an easy task to pull off such an event; it's a lot of work! We were charged with finding a place to hold it, hiring entertainment, working out meals, coming up with decorations and selling tickets. For me, of all the time that was spent readying for the prom, one memory stands out from the rest. So, it was decided by the committee members that the prom would have a nautical theme. Construction was begun on name boards for tables, a lighthouse and the centerpiece, a bridge for promgoers to cross on entry.

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The thing is, we forgot that girls wear heels when they attend proms and we made the bridge way too fake hermes brown belt whosale steep.

Now, Tom, Pete and I can't accept full blame for this; the others saw it in its progressive stages of construction and voiced no concerns. But come prom night, we worried if the young ladies and some of the guys; hermes mens belt replica remember, we wore those platform shoes in those days would make it from imitation hermes belt on sale one side of the bridge to the other without a mishap.


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